Appellate Law & Litigation

Our team of experienced appellate lawyers bring their distinct skills to preserving your hard-fought victories, and to persuasively advocating to overturn decisions that the trial court gets wrong.

KHVPF has a deep bench of experienced appellate advocates, including several lawyers who have held prestigious clerkships with United States Courts of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. Appeals are a distinct stage in the legal process, with a different purpose than the trial phase and with a different audience in the appellate judge. Our appellate team has the unique skill set to navigate this process for you and your business.

Our appellate team will consult with you at the most critical stages of the trial process—including pre- and post-trial motions that ask the Court to grant judgment in your favor—to ensure that you are raising the best legal arguments, and that you are preserving those issues for appellate review. And they can translate all varieties of specialized and complex legal issues into plain English, making it easier for a generalist appellate court to easily understand, and agree with, your position.

When another firm has handled your trial-court proceedings—win or lose—our appellate team will provide a fresh perspective to your case, objectively identifying those legal issues buried in the record that will be the most likely to persuade the appellate court that will hear your case. And we will guide you through the complexities of appellate procedure, scour the trial record, research the law, draft persuasive briefs, and present courtroom arguments targeted at the legal issues that have the most likely chance of either preserving your victories, or overturning your defeats.


Our appellate specialists have extensive experience in handling appeals in all areas of the law. In addition to handling appeals in the Firm’s core practices of employment law and commercial litigation, our appellate advocates have successfully handled appeals on issues as varied as state and federal constitutional law, civil and criminal procedure, municipal law, construction law, criminal law, products liability, and patent law.